This is what you consider important:

•           Starting from a solid basis and go from there
•           Giving a good example and showing appreciation
•           Order and certainty
•           People who know what they're talking about
•           Finishing what you started

You and Calco

At Calco, we stand for quality and always put in a little extra. We could really use people like you! But what can you be sure of, if you join us at Calco? Clear agreements, an organisation that is continually striving for to be the best, as well as the certainty that you will keep on developing. In short, an employer that you can build on!

You and IT

You and IT

Working in IT calls for analytical thinking skills, an eye for detail, and people who work hard. With your discipline and sense of responsibility, you clearly add value to the IT sector! You will really come into your own in technical roles, but you should also consider jobs focusing on creating structure or management.