This is what you consider important:

• Direct, clear communication
• People you can rely on
• Enjoying the here and now – tomorrow's another day.
• A clear focus and acting accordingly
• Respect from the people around you

You and Calco

Have the courage to dare and dare to have courage. This core value ensures that our people have a genuine impact on the world. Are you starting your career at Calco? Then rest assured that we will do everything to get you the job that you have in mind. And that requires courage and perseverance from your side, but you've got these qualities in abundance, of course!
You and IT

You and IT

The IT world is increasingly Agile. That means: making short sprints, acting fast, and achieving visible results. Because your are decisive and proactive, you perfectly fit in with this world. Furthermore, your properties also make you suitable for roles in which you are responsible for fast changes, taking risks, or directing others.