This is what you consider important:

• Attention for concepts and strategies
• Content-based discussions
• Space for creativity and thinking up new ideas
• Freedom to do what you like
• Variety, challenges, and fun

You and Calco

At Calco we love unique, creative and passionate people like you. In fact, we love this so much that it is one of our core values. What does it mean to you to work at Calco? The room to shape your career as you want. But you can also be sure that we will continue to challenge you: both in terms of content and personally. In this way we work together to achieve the goal you have in mind.
You and IT

You and IT

Have you ever stopped to consider that the IT world perfectly fits in with someone like you? In a technical role, you will be substantively challenged and be occupied with complex problems. Do you lean towards the business side? Then maybe you will be responsible for coming up with creative, innovative IT solutions. But a combination of the two is also certainly possible!