This is what you consider important:

•           An open atmosphere in which everyone feels involved
•           Other people’s feelings
•           Everyone around you is doing the job that is right for them
•           Effective and clear communication
•           A place where you can learn from the people around you

You and Calco

People are at the centre of our organisation. What does that mean for you? An open culture in which you can be sure of a personal approach. Whatever job you have, we are open to your ideas and you are welcome to approach any of us at any time. Additionally, we organise great events throughout the year, so that you and colleagues enjoy the ‘Calco vibe’!   

You and IT

You and IT

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but your social skills really make a difference in the IT world. You can work on IT solutions that bring people together. You can connect departments to work together towards one common goal. Or who knows, with your people skills you'll ensure that a certain app perfectly reflects the wishes of the end user.