How did you end up at Calco?

After having finished my study Communication & Multimedia Design I found out that a role like designer wasn’t really my thing. I felt like a more technical role would be a better fit for me. Aside from this I was eager to learn more and I like a challenge: an IT traineeship was exactly what I was looking for.
After reading about the Calco MasterClass I was immediately enthusiastic. Later on I found out that one of my friends was also working at Calco, he was very positive about the MasterClass. I was convinced and immediately applied!

How did you experience the traineeship at Calco?

As very informative, interesting and above all: fun! The traineeship is very diverse. In two months many different parts of the IT are discussed. This made it very easy for me to find out which direction within the IT suited me best. In addition to this, the variety between theory and practicality was very enjoyable.
After the necessary theory was explained in-class, we had the opportunity to work on small assignments. This helps you notice quickly what comes easy to you and what you find interesting. Additionally, the good atmosphere at the office in Maarssen made me happily go to work everyday!
“Kaya has made the difference with her drive to learn new things, seeing the bigger picture and wanting to understand the details. She is very sociable and quickly became part of the DevOps team and a trustworthy partner for the business. By becoming a part of our team, Kaya positively changed the team dynamics.” – Assigning Client about Kaya.

What do you enjoy about your current function?

So much! My function is very diverse, I love that. As a DevOps Engineer I am constantly brainstorming over how we can improve applications. I transform drawn up user stories with the other engineers in my scrum team into functioning code. Aside from this I find I am challenged enough!
I learn so much every day and my colleagues are always happy to (patiently) help me. At the moment I am working in back-end Java. When I am fully knowledgeable on this, I want to focus on the front-end. You can imagine I don’t have to worry about being bored for the coming years!

Are you happy about your decision to start at Calco?

I haven’t doubted my decision for a second! The first two months of the MasterClass were very informative and passed in the blink of an eye. My role was exactly what I was hoping for, so I was very excited to get started.
Of course I was a bit nervous to start as a DevOps Engineer after two months, but thankfully I recognised a lot of the material from the traineeship. You can learn so much more in such a short period of time than you can imagine!