The vacancy for the Calco MasterClass states that you must have graduated recently. How important is this requirement?

Being a recent graduate is not a strict requirement; anyone can apply for a traineeship position. Our staff includes a number of trainees who acquired several years of experience in a different sector before deciding to switch to the world of IT. It is good to know, however, that for the Calco MasterClass we are mainly looking for candidates who are interested in a junior position, along with the employment conditions that come with it.

I am graduating in a few months, but I am sure that I want to apply for a traineeship position. Can I apply right now, or should I wait until after I graduate?

For us, it is important that there are fewer than six months between the date of the application interview and your starting date. That means it is certainly possible to apply right now (provided that you can start within six months). Given the fact that we start with a new group of trainees twice per month, you can also decide to apply after you graduate. Keep in mind, however, that groups may have filled up by then and your preferred starting date may no longer be available.

The vacancies for the traineeships state that there will be a strong focus on communication and presentation skills during the training period. How important is it to have these skills prto the trior

It is important to us that you already possess these skills to a certain degree. If this area is not your strong suit, that is not necessarily a problem – as long as you can convince us that you will be able to optimally develop these skills within two months. During the traineeship, we will work hard to further improve your communication and presentation skills.

What are the core qualities of a good applicant for a traineeship position?

We believe that the IT sector has a place for everyone. That makes it harder to answer this question, because we find that the ideal core qualities depend on someone’s role, team and client. What we look for in every applicant is an inquisitive and proactive attitude. On top of that, we look forward to hearing more about your unique qualities.

Is it possible to take your IT traineeship four days per week, so I can combine it with my studies?

Unfortunately, no. When you start the Calco MasterClass, you go to work in a full-time position (forty hours/week). Of course, we look forward to your application once you graduate!

To what extent can I choose what position I get during the traineeship?

The position you end up getting is not set in stone beforehand. During the first weeks of the training period, we will determine what your strengths are and what you love doing most. Based on that information, you will then specialise in a field that suits you. That ultimately determines the position you will get.

Can I choose which client to work for during the traineeship?

The most important thing for us is finding the best match for you as a person. We would therefore love to hear who your preferred clients are. When we look for a project for you, we will check whether your preferred clients have any available positions that suit you. If not, we will discuss other options with you. If you do not have any specific preferences, that’s fine too. No worries!