In 2004 Réne Scholten, Nico Laan and Jan Gieles had a dream: they wanted to work together again. That dream was the beautiful start of Calco: now one of the biggest Dutch companies for training, coaching and secondment of IT talent. 

So what makes us different? We believe that you don't need an IT background (either in study or employment) to become successful within IT. And that conviction ensures that a whole new world opens up for you!




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Man/woman ratio

Man/woman ratio

What is it like to work at Calco?

From the moment we meet, we'll be challenging you: to learn new things, to keep developing yourself, and to be open to all the possibilities that exist within Calco and IT.

You will be part of an organisation full of ambitious, enterprising people. Everyone at Calco is different, yet also very similar. Properties we all share: we are enthusiastic, eager to learn, enterprising, and analytical. So how do we differ? In hobbies, work experience, backgrounds, and especially in terms of our former studies. And it's that mix that makes it so much fun working here!

Working at Calco also means that no two days are the same, as there are possibilities everywhere. Do you have a good idea? Great, then go and implement it! Do you want to learn more? That's possible too! We'll help you. Such a dynamic environment demands flexibility, but also offers a huge range of opportunities.

What do we stand for?

At Calco, we want to show the world that a different approach to IT talent can lead to growth and success. We see it as our mission to challenge people and organisations to keep growing indefinitely. By dealing with talent in such an inspiring and innovative way, we also guarantee the best quality. Why we consider this so important? Because we want to be the best at connecting the new generation with the continually changing place that IT takes up in society – both now and in the future!


The eight core values that characterise our people and us as an organisation?
1) Dynamism
2) Courage to dare and dare to have courage
3) Be unique, creative and enthusiastic
4) Exceed expectations together
5) Celebrate success
6) See opportunities and make the most of them
7) Embrace change
8) Make a difference every day.
Who are we?